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It's not what you got, It's what you have

I'm getting ready to start the Monday night training and I look around and see #Scott, #Specialized, #Trek, #Motobecane, #Borealis, aluminum, steel, and #carbon, and I know that in here, none of that matters.

This isn’t about what you got, it’s about what you have. It’s about you and you alone. Do you have what it takes? Do you have the drive, ambition, and stamina to do this? Do you have the #Endurance to go up against #Sufferfest? There’s no cheating, no slacking, no coasting in this #paincave. It’s you and your bike on #KICKR, in a true kick ass training.

As the Sufferfest workout taunts you from the screen, you dig down deep and begin. Soon you're wiping the sweat out of your eyes, yelling #shutuplegs and reflect on #Rulenumber5.

This isn’t a Sunday ride, it’s not the rec center spin class. This is a true, get your ass in shape, training class. Your mental #Endurance kicks in, and you know you have what it takes to beat #Sufferfest today, but can you beat him again tomorrow?

Carbon frames won’t save you in here.

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