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What's the chatter about FTP?

#FTP#Functional Threshold Power


#EnduranceCyclingLab training is based on each individuals FTP. So, what is F.T.P.?

Functional Threshold Power is simply your maximum power output which you can sustain for an hour.

How hard can you work? How much Endurance do you have? How much force can you sustain for 60 minutes?

We conduct FTP tests typically during week 2 of each session. We do have mercy on our participants, and don’t make them push all out for a full hour. Typically the test is a 20 minutes warm up, then all out- everything you got-for 8 minutes, recover ride for 10 minutes, and another 8 minute all out-everything you got and more, and then recovery ride for 15 minutes. We then take the two all out, FTP Test results, average your sustained normalized power, and your FTP is 90% of that number.

For example, if your average sustained normalized power between the two tests is 165, we take 90% of that number and your FTP number is 148.5 or round up to 150. This is the intensity, or resistance, that you will have for this particular training session. Sounds complicated, but it’s really not when you do the test.

FTP is important because it helps you become a better, stronger, faster rider! Anyone has the potential to go out on a weekend ride and push themselves temporarily, but do they have the #Endurance to sustain that power for longer, more difficult rides, say, the #DoubleTripleBypass?

Training with your accurate FTP ensures that you will have the sustainable power to conquer the Double Triple Bypass with ease. Most #spinclasses neglect to recognize the importance of the FTP which is why those classes don't work!

Working to steadily increase your FTP is the objective in our training program. A higher FTP is more important that a high power output. A high FTP ensures that you have the Endurance to sustain your rides, a high power output simply means that you can race to the next point, but you cannot sustain your power to the finish line, you’ll burn out quickly.

Many professional cyclists, like those on #TeamSky, have FTP numbers well over 400 – which makes my little 170 look pretty insignificant. The goal is to train on a regular basis using the FTP number from the FTP test and work towards increasing that number, thus increasing fitness levels, #Endurance, and sustained power!

Join us today to improve your strength, performance, endurance and FTP!

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