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Worth Every Minute!

Our classes this winter were a great success! Classes will continue through the summer for anyone who wants to have an edge over your competitor. Contact us to sign up.

Here are jus a few of the testimonials we have received:

This is the first winter (tax) season that I did not gain at least 5-10 pounds. I have been using ECL twice a week all winter and when I went down to Lakewood to ride in April I pretty much started where I left off last fall. I did not have a sore butt and no leg cramping which happened before. Thanks for that.

Joe O’Malley

The program has been great and really helped my cycling strength. I really looked forward to and enjoyed each ride you and Derek are outstanding people. Regards Bob Barto

Testimony from a 1st year biker (me):

Rode 40 miles on 1st ride of season with no problem, had lots of strength & stamina. Have only done that distance once before in my biking career with a lot more difficulty. Cycle lab training works!

Endurance cycling has pushed me harder than I would have pushed myself otherwise. It has been instrumental in improving my fitness and motivation. Not to mention that Tina and Derek are awesome to work with!

Mark McMullen

Endurance Cycling Lab has really helped my base fitness level and I wanted to say thanks to Tina and Derek. I have really enjoyed the classes and really appreciate the environment that pushes each athlete individually and is still welcoming to all fitness levels.

Mark Mathews

Tina and Derek have put together a fantastic cycling lab! It’s not your basic spin class. The workouts are challenging with a sense of accomplishment, and you gain a clear sense of improvement with each session. Well worth the time and effort.

Byron Rice

After dedicating myself to continual cycling lab sessions throughout the winter, I was totally amazed and excited to experience the benefit of all that work. My first bike ride outdoors was like I was in midseason form, both due to my leg strength and cardio capabilities! And an additional benefit was I did not experience the 'sore butt' that I always had to work through for the first few weeks of outdoor riding. I would recommend this to EVERYONE, regardless of bike riding expertise and levels!!!!!!

Brian Tucker

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